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Lx (Black Sheep) Lewis


Alex (LX) was born in Rapid City , S.D. on April 17, 1974. Alex is part of the Black Sheep clan of the Dine’ (Navajo) people on his father's side. He is enrolled in the Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe (CRST) in Eagle Butte, S.D. on his mother’s side.


LX is a talented artist with experience in many media.  Alex creates ceremonial and dance regalia with a distinctive style that combines traditional forms with modern design.


Lewis also works as a sculptor, with experience carving in soapstone, alabaster, and marble, and has joined the ranks of California manzanita carvers working as an apprentice for internationally known wood carver Terry Reed.  


LX started his art interest at a young age, and has a unique style of creating.   His work is sensitive and thoughtful, carved with exquisite attention to detail.  His knowledge of Native America costume and culture makes his work particularly poignant.



He attended the Institute of American Indian Arts College in Santa Fe , N.M. in 2001-2003, one of the finest Art colleges in the country for Native Americans.  He continues to further his education and is working to obtain an Associates Degree in two and three dimensional fine art.  


At IAIA he was influenced by the works of renowned Native American artist Allan Houser, and apprenticed with sculptor Dr. Jay Navarro. Although LX works in many different mediums, including dance regalia and stone sculpture, he has focused his attention on carving Native American images out of Manzanita wood.

His art is inspired by the history of his ancestors; what they endured, and what they had to overcome to keep him alive was his inspiration. The stories he tells with his art flow from his heart. With each piece he creates he looks forward to discovering what message his ancestors are sending to him.  It is a way for him to communicate with those who had come before him and for him to speak to the generations yet to come. 


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About the Artist


LX Lewis is motivated to pass on his experience to young artists, and plans to expand "Native Scout Studio"  to include classes, workshops, and other learning opportunities for promising students. Contact to inquire!

 LX teaching at Stellar Gallery in Oakhurst CA


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